An efficient, visible screening solution

Hytera launched the latest human body temperature measurement solution, which can realize the high accuracy body temperature measurement - ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). Built-in the AI algorithm to support multiple personal screening distance up to 3m, making a fast non-sensory access.

Dahua Jq D70 Z Human Temperature Measurement Blackb

Hytera Body Temperature Measurement Solution (For large sized organizations or government agencies)-en

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Thermal Network Bullet Camera

Featuring a fixed lens bullet camera, this series provides an all-in-one solution that is especially beneficial for body temperature measurement.

  • 400 × 300 uncooled VOx thermal sensor technology
  • Athermalized lens (thermal), focus-free
  • Support body temperature measurement
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.3°C, with blackbody
  • Active deterrence with white light & siren
  • Various lens optional (13 mm)
  • 2/2 alarm in/out
  • Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE,ePoE

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Thermal Network Bullet Camera


16 Channel 1U 16PoE AI Network Video Recorder

This products adopt the most advanced AI technologies, including deep learning algorithms that primarily target people and vehicles, which provides higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users. This enables the Hytera AI series to offer various advanced applications such as Face Recognition, ANPR, Metadata, People Counting, traffic data statistics, etc.

  • 16 Channel IP video access
  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG
  • Up to 16 Channel perimeter protection
  • Up to 4 Channel video stream face recognition
  • Up to 24 face pictures /sec processing
  • Up to 20 face databases with 100,000 face images in total
  • 1-8 PoE Ports support ePoE & EoC

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Hyt Nr16 Main Image


Human temperature measurement blackbody temperature reference unit.

The HYT-B66K Human Temperature Measurement Blackbody is a calibration device designed to be used with the HYT-TC-6 Thermal Hybrid Network Camera. This unit maintains a constant temperature for use as a reference point by the thermal camera.

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Hyt B66 K Blackbody

Hytera Human Body Temperature Measurement Solution

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Hytera Body Temperature Detection Solution (For small and middle sized organizations)-en

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HYT-10- H505

  • Face Recognition
  • Mask Recognition (customized)
  • Infrared Temperature Measurement
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Alarm Notification

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Hyt 10 H505

Facial Recognition and Temperature Measuring Integrated Access Control Solution

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