Hytera Communications Corporation Limited, a global leading PMR solution provider, is dedicated to providing customized and complete professional communications solutions to government and public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business to improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer.

Wherever you go, you'll find Hytera

From major events such as the Beijing Olympic Games, to oil rigs in the North Sea, football stadia and construction sites, conferences & events, Hytera's professional wireless communications systems are meeting the demands of the modern workforce.

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The science of Hytera

R&D is a big part of our business. Our evolving portfolio of devices, systems and software is the fruit of huge investment in Research and Development, but we're equally proud of the small things. The central antenna that increases coverage, the noise-cancellation processors that improves clarity... we call it the Science of Hytera and we have a track record of delivering quality, durable, user-centric solutions.

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Respond and achieve

We're compliant with all the critical open standards including TETRA, DMR and LTE, meaning that we can meet all manner of communication requirements. Our wide product portfolio allows us to respond to the individual needs and features sought by our customers, ensuring you can communicate instantly and achieve your goals with the leading two-way radio solution.

Global manufacturer, local support

Our local sales, technical and service support, based in Philippines, ensures our Philippine customers are offered outstanding levels of service, driven through approved Hytera partners.

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